Tobias Freytag


Exhibition May 2017

He portrays the USA like no other - by showing the faces of famous Americans and facades of outstanding buildings in the "Land of Unlimited Possibilities". With this, Düsseldorf-based photographer and architect Tobias Freytag has even made it to the White House.

For years, Freytag's photo of a flag installation for the 10th anniversary of 9/11 ("9/11 Memorial, Malibu," left) hung in Joe Biden's office. Superstar Cher had given it to the U.S. vice president under Barack Obama as a swearing-in gift. It is not known whether the work is still in the White House.

Cher herself also had her portrait painted by Tobias Freytag. The result of this encounter, the images of many other American personalities such as actor John Malkovich (see below) and impressive architectural photographs can be seen from May in the exhibition "lalalaand" Galerie Roschlaub in Hamburg.

The title of the photo show is borrowed from the nickname of California's mega-metropolis Los Angeles and the box office hit of the same name. "The term stands for the boundlessness of the U.S., the American anything-is-possible mentality, cheerful craziness and a wonderful lightness," says gallery owner Kirsten Roschlaub. "In Freytag's case, however, 'lalaland' also means great art that will delight visitors to the exhibition - of that I am convinced."

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