Christian Barz

Christian Barz

Exhibition "Boxing" and book presentation "The Klatten Power Boxing System"

Exhibition June - August 2016

The "Boxing" series by the Hamburg photographer Christian Barz immerses the viewer deeply into the world of boxing. Well-known boxers, such as Gomez or Culcay, were accompanied by Barz in various situations - whether during training, in the dressing room before a fight or in the ring. The viewer always gets the feeling of being a quiet observer of a sometimes very personal moment of the boxers

Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson and Max Schmeling - legends like them have made traditional boxing popular over the past decades. Today trainers like the Hamburg fitness expert Moritz Klatten are also in the spotlight. In his first book "The Klatten Power Boxing System" he shows how boxing champions are built up and how strength and conditioning training can be designed in the best possible way. Klatten's protégés, boxing professionals Yuriorkis Gamboa and Jack Culcay, demonstrate the various exercises - documented by the Hamburg photographer Christian Barz. On June 2, 2016, Klatten will open the accompanying photo exhibition in the Roschlaub gallery on Mittelweg in Hamburg with an exclusive book presentation.

"The Klatten Power Boxing System" is primarily aimed at athletes as well as boxing and fitness coaches who want to increase and perfect their knowledge of training. "It was important to me to create a detailed and at the same time vivid work that, in addition to technical know-how, also goes into the aesthetic aspect of boxing in more detail," said the 34 year old. Gallery owner Kirsten Roschlaub comments: “With this book Moritz Klatten and Christian Barz have created a wonderful symbiosis of art and sport. It is great that this project enables me to immerse myself in a previously completely unknown area of sport ”.