Bob Leinders


Exhibition November 2019

At first it was just an idea - today all the stars want under his blanket! The Hamburg photographer and filmmaker Bob Leinders got celebrities like Mickey Rourke, Til Schweiger, Franziska Knuppe or Alec Völkel from BossHoss in front of the camera - all wrapped in a simple gray blanket. “For me, the blanket is a symbol of the equality of people regardless of their social class,” explains Leinders.

It all started with a private photo of his daughter and her mother cuddling under a blanket. As a result, the native Dutchman Bob Leinders bought a blanket and, in addition to his jobs with the most beautiful models in the world, also took photos of them with a blanket. The Roschlaub gallery showed its expressive portraits for the first time three years ago, now the series continues with 'Covered 2 - famous friends'.

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